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Beechland’s Beginnings

Beechland’s history stretches back into the early days of Baptist work in this area.  In 1860 there was no Baptist Church outside of Louisville in the entire western half of Jefferson County.  On July 26, 1860, a missionary of the Long Run Association, Elder W.E. Powers, led twelve people in organizing a church.  The group then called Elder Powers to be the first pastor.  The large beech trees on the property suggested the name he is said to have given the church – “Beechland.”  An excerpt from one of his missionary reports says:  “I commenced a meeting Saturday before the fourth Sunday, in July, which lasted twelve days, about ten miles below the city of Louisville.  During the meeting a Church was constituted of twelve members, and fourteen received by baptism, so that they now number twenty-six.  A general religious feeling pervades, and I think we will soon have a house of our own in which to worship.”

The first house of worship for Beechland was a log and frame structure built on property donated by Henry Payne in 1867.  It was a two-story building, 55 feet by 35 feet.  Much of the work was done by the members, and some of the timbers were hewn by hand.  The first meeting held in the new building was in January, 1868.

In the years 1907 – 1908 the church worshiped in Valley Christian Church facilities while a new church was being built.  This was period characterized by growth, discipline of members, and dedication to mission causes.

In 1934 the Sunday school had again outgrown the facilities, so the church built a brick educational building.

In May, 1950 the church voted to build a new and larger house of worship.  Due to bad weather the building was not completed until August, 1951.  Since the old building was torn down, the congregation met in a tent during the period of construction.

In September, 1956 the church again committed themselves to expansion.  They built a two-story Educational Building behind their existing building.  These Buildings serve our worship and study needs.

In June, 2000 the Family Life Center was opened and includes a gym, walking track, exercise room, craft room, and class rooms.

In 2007 Beechland moves to three Sunday morning Worship Services to accommodate growth in attendance.

On October 21, 2012 a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new sanctuary on the same property Beechland has occupied for 152 years.

Historical Archive

A History of Missions

Beechland has had a strong interest in creating and supporting new work.

1901 – A Mission on Sunday School was organized.

1911 – A Mission Sunday School, known as “Fostoria” was led by Beechland members.

1930 – A Mission Sunday School at Stonestreet Station averaged forty-five per Sunday.

1932 – Beechland and Carlisle Avenue and Eighteenth Street Churches cooperated in a mission effort in Shively, which became the Shively Baptist Church.

1955 – Property was secured for Beechland Baptist Chapel.  Forty-four members went out to form the nucleus of a new work that would become, in 1958, the Beth Haven Baptist Church.  Until the completion of their building they met in the Sylvia Wilkerson School.

1959 – The facilities of Greenwood Elementary School were used to house a mission group.  A group from Beechland formed the nucleus of the new work, which in time would become the Ridgewood Baptist Church.

2000- The Family Life Center opened in June.

2013 – The current Worship Center opened in September.

Missions around the world:

  • Operation Christmas Child – Each year, we send hundreds of shoeboxes around the world!
  • Dominican Republic Missions –  Partner of GO Ministries to send teams and sponsor missionaries.
  • Medical Missionary Fund – Support medical needs in the Dominican Republic by funding the salary of a nurse in a much needed medical clinic.
  • Compassion International – Our families sponsor over 150 children around the world.

Missions in our community:

  • Sunday School on Mission – Every Sunday school group plans mission projects to participate in each year.
  • School Food Program – We coordinate with Kentucky Harvest, select JCPS schools, LG&E, and PRP Fire Department to collect and serve food to families in our community in need of assistance.
  • Food Pantry – On site pantry assists families in our community.
  • Café for Missions – Raises funds for Dominican Republic missions.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Mission projects to help bring housing and change the lives of those in our surrounding communities.


Beechland has history of being innovative, mission-minded, energetic, and evangelistic.  We have become known for our warm fellowship.  If we use the strength of the past and the present, then surely the future will be a credit to the Lord.