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We welcome help with our  Buddy Escorts, Champion Volunteers, Medical Team, Security Team, Greeters, Karaoke Room, and Setup & Tear Down Team.

If you haven't attended training, please plan to attend training on Sunday, 1/28, 12:15 pm, at Fellowship Hall of Beechland Baptist Church. If you can't attend that session please contact Beth Bryant at

Night to Shine !!!

Location: Beechland Baptist Church, Louisviile, KY
Feb 9, 2018, 6 - 9 pm

We are filled up !!!  We have reached capacity and are no longer registering guests -- but WE DO NEED many more volunteers to come and share the LOVE !!!


Indicate your interest in volunteering at

Please study this training document

Here is the Event Map:

Also make sure you have completed the following form and returned it to Beth Bryant, Director of NTS-BBC:  .

Donate to NIGHT TO SHINE at BBC:

Mail checks to:
Beechland Baptist Church
4613 Greenwood Road
Louisville, KY 40258
(Write Night to Shine in the memo field.)

Corporate donations and sponsorships are welcome!